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LDMH Partners – Life Sciences Advisors

We are a boutique advisory firm with unmatched expertise: our partners have been at the forefront of law, ethics and policy globally with deep experience in the life sciences sector, from the courtroom to the boardroom, from research centres to government agencies in the UK, the EU, and North America.
Our expertise comes from having the most up-to-date knowledge of legal, regulatory and policy developments in life sciences, cross-border issues in research and development, and scientific developments and innovation. We are experts in current academic thinking on bioethics, science and technology policy, and legal and regulatory evolution.
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What we do

We advise clients across the life sciences sector. We are committed to helping our clients better navigate the complex life sciences environment, from anticipating issues before they become challenges, to solving problems and finding solutions once they have emerged.


At the heart of innovation are sensitive data sources, electronic health records, medical informatics platforms, patient records, and AI/ML based processes. Our strength in this field is the ability to advise across the entire spectrum of normative challenges: from the commercial and regulatory aspects of data-driven science and data privacy, to moral issues of informational self-determination.


We are established experts in the legal and ethical issues arising when human tissues and cells are used in treatment and research. Our particular strengths are in reproductive and genetic technologies, genetic testing, and genomics research including human rights, licensing, regulatory, and cross-border considerations.


Life sciences innovation, undertaken responsibly, holds great promise for better living. Where the integrity of the process is called into question, a number of challenging compliance, regulatory and legal issues come to the fore. We advise clients on corporate social responsibility, scientific integrity, and compliance.

OUR Team

With more than 75 years of combined expertise in litigation, policy development, and advice-giving in the UK, Europe, and North America, our partners have unparalleled experience to meet the needs of our diverse client base.

James Lawford Davies

Partner | United Kingdom

Nils Hoppe

Partner | Europe

Eric M. Meslin

Partner | North America


Every client is different and the first step to providing the right advice is to understand your needs – please get in touch with us to arrange for one of our advisors to speak to you to find out how we can assist.

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